Proposed Merger of Earl’s Court Surgery and The Good Practice

The Good Practice and Earl’s Court Surgery are proposing to merge on 1 April 2021.

The GPs will form a partnership; however, the two surgeries will remain as The Good Practice and Earl’s Court Surgery in their current locations.

Please be assured there are no plans to close buildings and you will remain a patient with your existing doctor.

Why are we considering a merger?

We are sure you are aware that over the past few years there have been increased pressures placed upon General Practice services. To enhance the services we currently provide, we feel that the best way forward is to merge.

Both surgeries share the same commitment to quality, and by coming together, we will be able to share working arrangements and offer improved services to patients.

The benefits for patients

We have a growing population with increasingly complex healthcare needs. Merging our practices will make us more resilient to external financial pressures and the threat of closure.

It will also give us a larger more flexible team of staff and allow for continuity of care for patients when staff members leave or retire.

Moreover, a merger allows us to work towards bringing services from hospital into the community for the convenience of all our patients.

For example, we will be able to offer services like an in-practice anticoagulation clinic. This will be much more convenient for patients who take the medication Warfarin and require regular INR testing.

Other services we aim to provide are advanced wound care, ABPM (24-hour blood pressure monitoring) and more care for vulnerable groups like the homeless.

We will also have more consultation space to benefit patients.

Patients will remain with their GP of choice

Our doctors, practice nurse and other staff, will continue to be available to patients under the proposed new arrangements in the same way as they are at present.

Patient registration will not be affected.

Following the proposed merger, you will have the choice of being seen at any of the two surgery sites or continuing to use your current practice only, as you do now.

We are proud of our practices and the personal care we have maintained over the years and have always been encouraged by the positive feedback and support of our patients. By uniting as one like-minded team, we can continue to provide this high-quality care in a way that allows us to thrive in the future, making the best use of available resources and reduce some of our overhead costs.

Our overriding aim is to develop new services and continue to provide seamless care for all our patients.

We do understand that you may have questions and comments about the merger proposal.  We have put together a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

We very much value your thoughts and opinions so please get in touch via the options listed below.

  • We will hold drop-in sessions, and members of the team will be available to listen to your comments and answer questions. These sessions are currently being planned and will be publicised in due course.
  • Contact you the Patient Participation Group. Both PPGs have been informed and have discussed the proposed merger.
  • Updates will be added to both practice websites as, and when, they are known and will be displayed in our waiting rooms.
  • If you have any specific queries or concerns, please write to Jan du Plessis –

Thank you for taking the time to consider this letter and the future of your GP practice. Please fill in the patient questionnaire and return to your GP practice.

Yours faithfully,

Dr O Emiliani, Dr B Adib & Dr J Hammond (The Good Practice)



Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Proposed merger between The Good Practice and Earl’s Court Surgery

Both practices are driven by the following important values:

  • Trust, integrity, honesty and professionalism
  • Quality of patient-centred care
  • Empowerment and involvement of staff and patients.
  • Patients: encouraging and promoting self-care and responsibility
  • Quality of life for our Staff, ensuring work/life balance is maintained
  1. Why are The Good Practice and Earls Court Surgery proposing to merge?

We are sure you are aware that over the past few years there have been increased pressures placed upon General Practice services. The increasing elderly population, the growth in long term illnesses like diabetes and asthma and the need to move more care from hospitals into the community means that General Practice needs to adapt and local GP surgeries collaborate more.  We feel that the best way to do this and  continue to offer our patients an innovative, sustainable, quality service is to formally join together as one larger GP surgery.

  1. What will change?

Initially there will be little change.
If you are a patient at the Good Practice you will still come to the Good Practice for all your care under Dr Hammond.
If you are a patient at Earl’s Court Surgery you will still be a patient with Dr Emiliani or Dr Adib.

Over time there will be improved access to services and an opportunity to introduce new services, closer to home.

  1. Is the merger supported by NHS England and West London Clinical Commissioning Group?

North West London Clinical Commissioning Group will consider our application to merge at their Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting (date to be confirmed). A key part of the application process is the views of patients and local stakeholders which we will gather in the coming weeks. For ways that you can express your views and get involved please see FAQ Question 15.

  1. When will the merger be completed?

If the merger is approved the target date will be 1 April 2021.

  1. Will I still be able to see my usual GP or Nurse?

Yes, the same staff and GPs will still be working at each of the two practices. We are committed to provide continuity of care to our patients.

  1. How will the proposed merger benefit patients?

Working together as one larger organisation will  strengthen our ability to maintain high quality care for our patients providing more GP and nursing appointments.. We will be able to invest in innovation and create a stable and sustainable GP Practice by sharing the resources and expertise of both practices. The new structure will provide greater flexibility for patients and, over time, we hope to provide new patient services.

  1. How will the merger benefit the GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals working at the practices?

By working together everyone will have access to a wider pool of knowledge and experience to draw upon. The expansion of the team will create a more robust support structure and give greater development opportunities to staff.

  1. Will I have to go to another site for my consultations?
  2. Ccntinuity of care is fundamental to us. You will continue to see the same staff in your usual location.

In some circumstances, it may be more advantageous for you to be seen at another site – for example, if you need to see a healthcare professional who specialises in a particular area. If you wish to take advantage of this you will be able to.

  1. Will there be improved access to appointments?

YES. We will continue to review the appointment system and our aim is to improve on it further to ensure patients have access to the care they need and at the most convenient times to them.

  1. Will the merger affect access to other services such as community nurses, midwives or health visitor
    Patients receiving care from community-based services either at home or in practice will not be affected
  2. Are there plans to close any of the sites?

NO The current sites will remain open.

  1. What will happen to my medical record?

Both practices currently use the same computer system and these will be merged into one clinical database.

All medical records will be available for any clinician who needs access to them. Patients will to be able to access their medical record, order prescriptions and make appointments on-line.

  1. How are you planning to keep patients informed of the progress of the proposed merger and how can I get involved?

We have shared details of the proposed merger with the PPGs and have asked them for their thoughts and ideas. We  have also discussed with them how we communicate and engage with all our patients in the future.

  • Updates will be available on the practices’ websites and newsletter,
  • posters in the waiting rooms, leaflets, text alerts
  • at patient participation group meetings.

Drop in Chat Cafes

We are also planning ‘drop in’ meetings where staff will be available to chat with you about the merger, listen to your views and answer any questions you might have.

Dates will be provided in due course.

Patient Questionnaire

We will be inviting patients  to complete a survey in due course.

If you have any questions please contact Jan du Plessis

Outcome Patient Survey

Earls Court Surgery Merger Patient Survey 12 May 2020

Patient Survey Merger Report May 2020

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