Practice Strategy

To provide a high standard of care and wellbeing to the local population.

  • Identify each patient’s care needs individually within the framework of their social, economic and ethnic background.
  • Ensure all members of staff (including non-clinical) are aware of the practice policies and procedures which are relevant to their role.

To work closely with secondary care  and community services and colleagues in the best interests of our patients.

  • Maintain good communication with colleagues in secondary care and community services.

To uphold patient confidentiality.

  • All members of staff (clinical and non-clinical) are trained and up-to-date with all policies related to confidentiality.

To be transparent in all engagement with patients and encourage patients to voice their concerns and provide feedback in our continuing aim to improve our services.

  • Clinicians present information clearly to their patients without withholding information.
  • Patient questionnaires and Comments, Complaints and Feedback Leaflets are available in Reception.
  • Maintain close communication with the Patient Participation Group, hold regular meetings and consult with them during changes to practice protocols.

To promote patient engagement by providing information and education about wellbeing, and to involve patients in decisions about their care.

  • Clinicians provide education about wellbeing to patients, making use of NHS patient information leaflets and providing systems in which patients can raise issues or concerns.
  • Clinicians to consult with patient before prescribing or referring on to secondary care, ensuring that they consent to the decisions being made about their care.

To provide a safe environment for patients, staff and members of the public.

  • Adhere to health and safety policies and procedures for staff and patients.

To demonstrate and promote courtesy and respect to our patients without discrimination against any groups.

  • Provide a safe environment for all social, economic and ethnic groups, free from discrimination.
  • Follow-up on any accusations made against a patient, member of staff or member of the public, which may present as a threat to the safety or wellbeing of others.